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IRVING: Thank goodness we found this place in the middle of nowhere to ask for directions... It's a miracle... Whooooa...

YIN YANG: What are these tiny morsels. They offend my eyes.

AVERY: Whoa. That's a whole lotta panda.

YIN YANG: Silence, rodent! You are in the presence of Yin Yang! The majestic left one is Yin. The regal right one is Yang. I am the queen of this tower. You are very special visitors to my kingdom.

We have not had a male walk thru these doors in a very long time. If you are even men.

AVERY: I can't speak for my friend here, but I'm all man, baby! All two inches!

YIN YANG: I see. That's unfortunate.

Guards! Prepare for these male rodents' execution!

AVERY: I can tuck it in. Does that help?